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Remove text icons android

Is it possible to remove app icon names or labels on Android? The answer is simple, yes. Anyways, if you are still cool with this, feel free to proceed and follow the steps below. The next time that you check the apps on your home screen, they no longer have those annoying text labels. The same goes to the apps that you have on your app drawer. Just keep in mind that this method might not work on devices with older Android OS versions.

If this is the case, then you can try using an alternative home launcher such as Go Launcher EX. Getting Started On your Android phone or tablet, go to Play Store then search for a replacement home screen launcher app called Epic Launcher.

Download and install this app on your device. Now that Epic Launcher has been successfully enabled as your home screen launcher, all you need to do is to go its main settings.

To completely remove animations:

This icon is usually located at the main screen. By doing so, you will be able to use Epic Launcher as your default launcher. Related Posts. Previous Post. Next Post. Tags Android Android Tips and Tricks app tips and tricks icon tips and tricks main shortcut tips and tricks Tips and Tricks.

Remove text icons android

About Kent. Writes reviews in her free time. Full-time freelancer. Currently hooked to playing ArcheAge and watching loads of K-Pop reaction videos online.Android phones, as well as most Android apps, feature common icons. These symbols work as buttons on the touchscreen: Tap an icon to perform a specific task or action.

The icons are quite consistent between the various apps you use.

How to remove or delete app names on Android [Guide]

The most common icons are shown here. Action Bar: Displays a pop-up menu. This teensy icon appears in the lower right corner of a button or an image, indicating that actions commands are attached.

Add: Adds or creates an item. Search: Searches the phone or the Internet for a tidbit of information. Share: Shares information stored on the phone via email or social networking or other Internet services. Dan Gookin is the gizmo geek and technology author who wrote the first For Dummies book in His skill at making technology understandable and even fun launched a phenomenon.

Dan has written more than books, with 12 million copies in print and translations into more than 30 languages. He also maintains a useful website, www. About the Book Author Dan Gookin is the gizmo geek and technology author who wrote the first For Dummies book in Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. The good news is that there are a variety of methods to help you alleviate squinting just to make text or anything else more legible. For example, Android 7.

First, head into the Settings menu. You can do this by pulling the notification shade down twice on some devicesthen selecting the cog icon. The left screenshot shows what this looks like on 7.

The same options are available, just with and without the preview. Nothing to it. With Android Nougat, Google incorporated a new feature: the ability to not only change font size, but also other display elements. Essentially, this means everything from the navigation bar to app icons and menus can be made bigger or smaller—think of it like changing the zoom level in Microsoft Windows. For those who want to see more information on the screen, everything can be made smaller.

For those who may have limited vision, every element can be made larger, with the largest setting offering a very dramatic change from the stock size. Pull down the notification shade, then tap the cog icon in the upper right corner. After tapping it, there may be a slight delay while the phone loads the Display Size menu, which is broken down into two parts: the Preview window and actually Display Size slider.

Tutorial to Delete Icons on Android Devices from Samsung, HTC and More

There are three different views in the Preview Pane: a text message, app icons, and settings menu. These are all dummy windows, of course, and are just there so you can get a better idea of what on-screen elements will look like once the change is activated. Swipe through these previews to cycle through them. Mess with them all, see which one works best for you. If you ever want to change it back, simply jump back into the Display Size menu and tweak away.

This essentially enables zooming almost anywhere in the OS, save for the notification shade and keyboard.

Remove text icons android

This allows you to triple-tap the screen and then pan around with two or more fingers. If you want, you can even pinch-zoom anywhere.The Motorola Droid release date was November Features and Specs include a 3. Are you ready for the Galaxy S20? Here is everything we know so far! Tim K Android Expert. You can install your own shortcut icons and edit text. You can NOT replace the actual icons in the app drawer nor can you edit widget icons or text. Some of us that are using the Sweeter Home Preview 2 home-replacement app can have icons appear wherever we want without text of any kind.

The app is free, but comes with quite the learning curve. You can also do this with LauncherPro. Motorola Droid Forum. Similar Threads - Remove Icon Text. Replies: 1 Views: Replies: 3 Views: KeyWestJoe Jan 13, Replies: 7 Views: Replies: 2 Views: Remove battery percentage and battery icon coulterjoshMar 29,in forum: Android Devices.

Replies: 6 Views: 9, JimKnuckles May 3, Why is there no option to remove icon frame borders on the new android pie update? Pistachio86Feb 13,in forum: Android Devices. Replies: 4 Views: 36, Het Jul 23, Replies: 0 Views: TheRealLiam Dec 1, How to remove icon Shubhamkrverma73Aug 31,in forum: Android Devices. Replies: 10 Views: Shubhamkrverma73 Aug 31, Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

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Remove text icons android

How to show titles of all menu elements in bottomNavigationBar? The problem is that in my case shown only title of element that is clicked. Implementation of BottomNavigationView has condition: when there is more than 3 items then use shift mode.

At this moment you cannot change it through existing API and the only way to disable shift mode is to use reflection. And then apply disableShiftMode method on your BottomNavigationViewbut remember if you are inflating menu view from your code, you have to execute it after inflating.

Remember, you'll need to execute this method each time you change menu items in your BottomNavigationView. You also need to update proguard configuration file e. Thanks Muhammad Alfaifi for pointing this issue and providing snippet.

As Jolanda Verhoef pointed out the new Support library Note: if you are upgrading from an older version of support library, do not forget to raise compile SDK version.

Check versions of support libraray here: Support Library versions. However, you may still get labelVisibilityMode not found message when compile, if your app depends on older versions of the design support library. If this is the case, try to upgrade to a version of the given dependency, that depends on at least the version of If that's not possible, define the dependency explicitly. You can find source here BottomNavigationView. I had some weird behavior with BottomNavigationView.

Just remove this and boom! BottomNavigationView will work fine, now it can be shown with text and icon. I had this in my root CoordinatorLayout of fragment. Though it is not exactly related to the asked question, but still I find this helpful.September 24, References. She has more than 20 years of experience creating technical documentation and leading support teams at major web hosting and software companies.

Nicole also holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Portland State University and teaches composition, fiction-writing, and zine-making at various institutions. This article has been viewedtimes. If your Android is constantly notifying you of new or unread text messages that don't exist, it's usually due to your messaging app's cached or saved data.

Sometimes these issues will clear up automatically upon receipt of a new message, so try asking someone to send you a message first. If the issue persists, use this wikiHow to learn some tricks for clearing those notifications permanently. Open your Settings. Tap Apps. Tap your messaging app. Tap Clear Cache.

How to Remove Icon Names and make Icons Bigger in Windows (10)

Tap Clear Data. Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook. No account yet? Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Explore this Article methods. Related Articles.Posted by Jane Winston December 11, The home screen on Android device provides a convenient access for people to store the apps that you use on a regular basis.

However, the home screen is a limited real estate, and you cannot save all apps' icons on it. Some people complained that the icons appear on their home screen without installing anything, and cannot delete icons on Android.

In this tutorial, we are going to talk about how to delete icons on Android under various situations. When clean up your Home screen or do troubleshooting on home-screen icons, you will discover that our guides are helpful. In this part, you can learn the common methods to delete icons on Android home screen but not uninstall the apps.

First of all, you should understand that the home screen is the first screen after unlock an Android phone. The icon on your home screen is the shortcut of an app. So, you can delete it without damaging the app. On the other hand, the icons on app screen are the entrances of apps, and you cannot delete them except uninstall. Step 1. Unlock your Android phone with your PIN code or pattern password.

An Android device home screen usually has multiple screens, swipe left and right to navigate the screen contains the icon you want to delete. Step 2.

Press and hold the icon to delete on Android until you see some menus pop up on top of the screen. Step 3. Keep press and drag the icon to the "Remove" menu with a trash icon to delete an icon on Android immediately. Step 4. Repeat Step 2 and Step 3 to other icons and delete them from your home screen. This way is available to most Android devices, but you have to know that there are many manufacturers producing Android devices and redesigned the OS. So, the operations may be a bit different.

For example, on some Samsung Galaxy phones, you need to tap "Remove shortcut" on the pop-up menu after long pressing the icon.

Also, unlock your Android phone and access the home screen. Swipe left and right to locate the screen with icons to delete on Android. You can select "Edit page" to switch into the edit mode. Now, you can see the thumbnail of all screens, press and drag the screen with icons you want to delete into the "Trash" icon on bottom of the screen.

When prompted, tap "OK" to delete icons on Android. Some people report that they cannot delete icons on Android. When you face such problem, you can try the tips below. Make sure that the screen where you want to delete icons is the home screen but not app screen. The former contains shortcuts of the apps, while the later displays real apps. Now you should be able to remove icons on Android.

13 Android Phone Icons to Know

To be clear that the icon you want to delete is an app or a widget. If you want to delete a widget on your home screen, you have to switch to widget manager screen.

Tap Uninstall to delete the app from your device and reinstall it again. Now, you can delete the icon as you wish. Another way to delete icons on Android is to prevent from adding icons to your home screen.

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